Welcome to the City of Hemet’s website for the Downtown Hemet Specific Plan. The City is embarking on an important period of growth and revitalization in the Downtown with planning efforts for a future transit station along the rail line, a commitment to neighborhood restoration, and goals to expand and reinforce the Downtown as a major cultural, governmental and employment center for the San Jacinto Valley. Over the next year (ending in summer 2016), we will be preparing the Downtown Hemet Specific Plan, which will guide future development, improve mobility, streamline the development process, and serve as an incentive for economic development.

This Specific Plan process provides opportunities to work with residents, property owners, stakeholders, and elected and appointed officials to build community consensus around a Specific Plan that leads to creating improved livability for the community as a whole. You are invited to participate in this exciting planning process by attending public meetings and offering your views on the future of Downtown.

The primary objectives of the project are to preserve and enhance the historic core, recommend appropriate transit oriented land uses, improve access to the station and linkages around Downtown, and create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly and sustainable Downtown environment that is a vibrant community hub for civic, social, cultural, and employment activities.

The 360 acre (58 block) Downtown Specific Plan Area is generally located in the central portion of the City between Gilbert Street on the west, and Santa Fe Street on the east, Oakland Avenue on the north, and Acacia Avenue on the south. The Specific Plan area contains the historic commercial core of the City, which was established in the early 1900’s, and also includes the Civic Center, Public Library, historic Hemet Stock Farm, Hemet Elementary School and the Santa Fe Educational Center, a variety of historic residential neighborhoods, and large portions of vacant land along the existing railroad right-of-way.



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